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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Marc Natoli.jpeg

Marc Natoli

What a great casting workshop! I’ve been to quite a few and this one really gave me some extra tools to really help and tweak my performance. The team at the Hollywood Initiative where extremely professional, warm and welcoming, it was a great turn out with a great bunch of people and Scotty was just awesome! and so informative right down to the smallest detail.

Thanks to The Hollywood Initiative I now live in Los Angeles on my O1 visa. They helped me with the process, and I can’t thank them enough!

Gabriela Rodriguez

Gabriela Rodriguez

Couldn't be happier with my experience with The Hollywood Initiative. The programs they offer truly work whether you're a newcomer or an experienced actor. They have something for everyone! I landed an Agent and Manager with multiple other interested parties.

Jorja Lindasy.jpeg

Jorja Lindsey

Thank you so MUCH, Nancy and Geo, for a wonderful week. 

The International Intensive is a great program, I honestly wish I did it when I first came here to LA. I have learnt not only about the industry but myself, which is huge personal growth.

Thank you for all support, patience, love and guidance thought the program. I am a lot more open and free from just that one week.

It's great the program introduces you to different teachers, from that I have made so many contacts. 

Hope Beale

Hope Beale

I recently underwent the August 2019 Hollywood Initiative and can honestly say it was the most life changing week of my life. The week not only prepared me as an actor but helped me reach a clearer understanding of my own goals as a person and how to be a more confident human being in general! We started out the week prepping our actor’s toolbox with new headshots from an incredible photographer and working on demo scenes for our reels with an amazing production company. We then honed our US accent with one of the best dialect coaches in the game as well as met with people to get a clear understanding of how to obtain our visas if we want to one day work in the US. Pair that with casting director workshops, acting classes and improv sessions, we were fully and 100% ready to smash our showcase for industry professionals! Nancy and Geo put in so much of their own blood, sweat, time and tears into making sure each and every one of us taking the course reached every goal we set and then smashed right through them! Cannot say how helpful it was having people who knew what they were talking about teach you the ways to break into this incredibly difficult market and how thankful I am for all the late nights, extra hours, and genuine care they have for their students. The best value for money I have ever seen and covers absolutely every base! So, if you're an actor looking to take the next step in your career, trust me when I say that this course is it and more! 


Jimena Díaz Pinelo

I did want to thank you both again for everything... for me things REALLY changed after the international week and working with you. I found my path, sometimes you don’t realize how much impact you can make in a person’s life just by saying the right words or giving them a little trust. 


George Triplett

I recommend attending the Casting Director workshops and Agent/Manager showcases. This is the best way to meet these industry professionals on a one on one basis. The Hollywood Initiative coordinates these meetings which have given me insight into the world of casting, and an excellent way to be seen by Casting.


Todd Risby

Your orchestration of the Hollywood Initiative is very nice and it’s a lot of fun. As I’ve gotten a chance to meet you and the other Actors, from Australia. It’s my  first time participating in The Hollywood Initiative and it is wonderful. You are doing an outstanding job and I’m very glad that I have had the opportunity to participate in it. I’m truly looking forward to keeping in contact with you, and the other Actors.


Duane Angelvette

First of all, I want to thank Nancy and GEO for putting so much heart into this International Program. This event was so well planned comprehensive, but most of all was COMPLETELY DEDICATED to the success of each and every actor who enrolled!!

The true class of NANCY and GEO was shown the night before yes Friday night as they both worked late into the evening helping all of us prepare and helping us all perfect our pieces! That dedication payed off as all the actors triumphed big time in the final showcase!! There are no words to describe how much heart and support the two running this program gave ALL THE ACTORS!! Personally, I learned many valuable lessons from them but 2 stand out-- NOTHING is hard when u have the PASSION to do it and being pushed beyond YOUR COMFORT ZONE is a GOOOOD thing!!


 Rachael Wegener 

"Thanks again for these amazing workshops so we can showcase, learn tips (which i am) and connect. It's really putting me in my "happy" place and making COVID-19 fun and breezy. Your guest CD's have all been amazing, with great industry experience, passion to teach, share and play - thank you ! "


Maryanne Niceforo 

“Geo took me out of my comfort zone and helped me tap into what I knew was already existing within me. That feeling of freedom has given me confidence that I carry into my career, well after working with him.”


Rodrigo Sanchez

"Geovanni is a true friend and mentor and will always have your best interests at heart. His knowledge of the business is fascinating. Geovanni worked with me on a monologue from Star Trek, and he never gave up on me, always trying new angles and different levels with the speech. He was in the studio with me, working on the monologue, and it was nearly midnight! This was the day before my showcase to agents and managers! It just shows his dedication to the business and his belief in hard work. "That'll do" is simply not his style. I will never forget Geovanni saying to me, after a casting workshop, "you're better than you think you are." 


Kathleen Forte

“The best thing about acting is that you can be any age and jump into it.  I had taken a short break from the industry for a couple of years when I was ready to go back and make new connections.  I had heard of The Hollywood Initiative and took their very first workshop with Scotty Mullen.  Now I have worked in entertainment a long time, but I learned so much from Scotty in those couple of hours than I had in the past few years.  I also never felt more comfortable as an actor since I hadn’t performed in front of a group in a long time.  THI has connections with the best casting directors who provide crucial insight to the working actor.  I was so pleased with my experience; I joined another one in my uber ride home.  I highly recommend every actor in LA to try The Hollywood Initiative.  You won’t regret it."

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