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Nancy Rizk is an award-winning Actor, Writer and Producer, Talent Agent & the CEO of The Hollywood Initiative.

She has made it her life's mission to help actors worldwide!

With her hat in so many different fields, she is the right coach for you!!

Nancy has trained with some of the best coaches in Los Angeles which paved her to a future success.

Her most recent accomplishments include, "The Red", "Chosen Kin" Amazon Prime, "Deadly Women" Netflix & Cable, “Full Disclosure”, Amazon Prime and "Counter Play" Amazon Prime and 9Go.

Nancy not only acts, she is an Award-Winning Writer and Producers. She produced a TV series Full Disclosure which is now streaming on Amazon Prime USA and UK and PJ’s and Pixels worldwide.

Full Disclosure has won multiple awards which Nancy is very humbled and proud of. It was the Winner at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival for best Webisode/New Media, Winner of the New Jersey Web Festival for Best Ensemble Cast, and nominated at the NYC Web Fest, Web series Festival Global, West Side Shorts Melbourne, Webisode Festival Texas and a whole lot more.

Nancy’s way of teaching is spiritual, aligning yourself with the universe and creating magic.

“There is no rest for the wicked! Do what you need to do and stop procrastinating.” -Nancy Rizk


This scene study class is like no other. It is adapted to each actor's needs and a chance to be characters they want to explore. Nancy's approach is unique and been described by many as a powerful force, passionate creative, supportive, encouraging and empowering.

Join us for scene study on: 

June 4th - July 23rd 2024

Classes are in 8-week blocks every

Tuesday nights at 7pm AEST

Price: $250 AUD for 8 weeks.


There is a no refund policy.

Nancy Rizk Scene Study
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