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Feb 29th - March 10th 2024


What our students & faculty are booking! 

Online Acting Classes with World Class Acting Coaches in Hollywood!

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Our Acting Training

Acting Classes for all ages via zoom & in-person

Adults: U.S Coaches

Kids & Teens: U.S Coach John Posey 

Dialect Coach: Bob & Claire Corff

U.S Casting Director Workshops 

Free Special Guest Q&A's 

Immigration Attorney Workshops 

10 day program held in Los Angeles.

For serious actors looking to advance in Los Angeles  

Australian Casting Director Workshops 

Industry Professional Workshops

One on One Mentoring 


Our Studio

THI Program

The Hollywood Initiative is based in Los Angeles, California, which is renowned as the epicenter of the entertainment industry, as well as in Melbourne, Australia.

We are committed to empowering actors with the skills and resources needed to distinguish themselves in the highly competitive Hollywood arena.

The Hollywood Initiative offers actors from both the national and international stages the necessary tools, mentorship, and networking opportunities to successfully navigate the complex landscape of the Los Angeles acting industry.

Our cost-effective and all-encompassing approach offers priceless guidance and strategic insights for actors from around the world seeking to gain an edge in this fiercely competitive field.

Online Acting Classes

A Risk
The Same Mistakes
His Dirty Work
A Coward

In today’s world it doesn’t matter where you are geographically, you can learn acting online from the comfort of your own home, in person or fly to different parts of the world to experience it first-hand. There is nothing you can’t do now that we have online classes worldwide. Train with the most sought out coaches in the world! Not only do we cover online acting classes, but we also cover casting director workshops online and in person, kids and teens acting classes, dialect courses, mentoring programs, private sessions and the most sought out International Program held in Los Angeles for actors worldwide. Now whether you’re looking to take acting classes Philadelphia to acting classes San Francisco and all the way to Australia, The Hollywood Initiative has you covered! Hollywood is a community where a lot of people dream to be part of. Many actors have their own struggles behind their craft, more often than not it’s financial that causes them to fail or limiting their capabilities to get the job done. Many of those struggling with the same issues from big cities like LA, New York, and Chicago are quite often NOT living in Los Angeles, New York or Chicago! This means that struggle is no different for even those aspiring actors who live thousands of miles away! We have students all over the world which is a wonderful way to connect with likeminded actors and make connections. Some of the places our students are based and currently doing acting classes San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Sydney, and many more locations. Interested in learning what it takes to become an actor? Our online acting classes teach you everything you need to know, from beginner-level courses to advanced workshops available in all major cities around the world. Online acting classes are a fun and exciting way to learn how to act. Acting must be learned on-the-go, in a supportive environment where you can feel comfortable to be you. Learning how to act online is no different. The internet provides the perfect place for online acting classes. You're a creative person. You know it, and we know it. But how do you harness that creativity? How do you make sure your hard work pays off? That's what The Hollywood Initiative is here for. We believe acting should be something you can connect with on every level—your mind, body, and soul—and we'll help you get there by making sure your character choices are based in instinctual truth. Our programs are designed to pull away the masks you've been wearing in your life and career so far, revealing who you truly are underneath. This will give us an opportunity to develop our instincts and bring them into alignment with what's needed for our characters' needs in various scenarios. We'll also start stretching beyond our comfort zones to expand our range of emotional tools for character creation. Once we've established our base instincts and expanded our emotional range, it's time to trust ourselves! We'll create a “trust zone” where we begin to leave the training wheels behind and let go of crutches that rely on others' approval or feedback; this is where we'll be taking risks and trying things out for ourselves for the first time. After all this hard work? It's time for the you to take the INITIATIVE! Be the best version of yourself. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Life is too short to settle for anything less than the best version of yourself. You can't change everything, but there's no reason to let things hold you back from being your best self. You might be afraid that starting a new project or making a big change will be scary and hard, but it's only scary when you stay in your comfort zone. When you take that first step out of your comfort zone, you'll be surprised at how easy it is! So, take that first step today!