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Jo Briant The Actors Energy Workshop

This is a fun and inspiring full day workshop for actors to explore the power of energy and how it can transform your acting.


We will explore different energetic activation and experience how they can shift your physical, emotional & spiritual state with ease and help you feel a greater sense of authenticity, freedom and empowerment in your work. 


Jo will support you in how to create energy and access your inner power and spirit using visualisations, right brain processes to activate your body, meditation, heart and mind coherence, breath work, practical energy hacks, vibrational and musical frequencies. 


Throughout the day you will experience a deeper mind body spirit connection and discover what it feels like to be aligned with your inner truth.

This heart-based approach allows you to feel a greater sense of self-empowerment, freedom and joy in your work and day to day life! 


We will film a scene before and after, to see how you shift when you apply the different activations.


You will explore:

  • Freeing blocked energy

  • Embodiment

  • AM and FM Frequencies (understanding low and high vibrations) 

  • Stepping into the frequency of character

  • Anchoring & activating for self tapes, auditions and on set

  • Breath work 

  • Vagus nerve techniques to calm your nervous system

  • Embracing discomfort and releasing self-consciousness

  • How to calm anxiety and let go of fear

  • Hot Belly, warm heart, cool head visualisation

  • Inner child meditation enabling you to play freely

  • Trusting instinct moment to moment


Acting is not only about who, what, where. It’s about accessing those deeper parts of you and letting go. 


“We have the power to change our state and it starts with energy first”! 

Secure your spot ASAP as there are very limited spots. 

SYDNEY: Saturday May 20th 2023

Price: $260 AUD

Time: 10am-5:00pm 

Location: TBD (We will send you the location the week of the workshop) 


Jo Briant- The Actors Energy Workshop


Jo Briant is an Actor, Acting Coach, Master Teacher and has been a Casting Director at Fountainhead Casting for the last 12 years.

She has worked extensively in theatre, film and television in New Zealand and Australia appearing in shows such as: 

From All Sides, The Twelve, Total Control, Kairos, Reckoning, The Fighting Season, Psychoanalysis, Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am, Home and Away, The Moody’s, All Saints, Water Rats, Murder Call, Big Sky, Shortland Street and numerous commercials and voice overs. 

She has been fascinated by spirituality and working with energy for over 30 years and is also an experienced Life Coach, Energy Healer, Corporate Facilitator and Presentation Coach. She loves combining acting, coaching, and energy work as her wealth of experience and intimate understanding of an actor’s world both on screen and off enables her to guide other actors in a fun and open-hearted way.

"Jo is incredibly intuitive on so many levels! It’s a heart opening approach to acting that connects you to inspiration and joy"!

-Emma Leonard

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